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Summer 2010 - Phil Constable

Phil Constable was born in Canterbury, Kent in 1971. A graduate of Liverpool John Moore’s University, BA (hons) Fine Art and The University of Salford, MA Creative Technology. He was Senior Design designer for Guardian Media Group where he was responsible for streaming television programs. Channel M then went onto develop the user interface he designed for large web portal, Manchester Online. His work is project-based and utilizes various media, commenting on architectural space, signs of inhabitants, and memory. Constable has exhibited video installations, large scale vinyl installations, prints, and paintings nationally and internationally. Phil is currently associate lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and co-founder and director of Adorn Creatives, a bespoke large scale branding company with a wide client base which includes interior designers, typography designers, graphic designers and architects. Phil's residency began August 17. He is working on a site-specific piece in the woods on the Rural Projects property, utilizing the footings of what may have been a dwelling. The piece juxtaposes the archeological remnants of man with modernist architecture.

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