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Summer 2014 - Eric Barry Drasin and the Fast Food Collective.

Last week Eric Barry Drasin spent a week in residence at Rural Projects. During his stay, members of the collective Fast Food came to sample the environment, generate new work, and share their ideas during an audio visual performance.


Eric Barry Drasin is a Brooklyn-based artist, musician and curator working at the intersection of digital media, performance and installation. Rooted in the Expanded Cinema tradition, his work explores the relationship between composition, interface, performance, score, and synesthetic audiovisual environments.


Fast Food is an expanded cinema collective based in Brooklyn, NY. They create experimental, realtime media performances.

The work deals with interactive technology as it relates to audiovisual interface, composition, performance, and score. Fast Food curate a variety of events in NYC including improvised electronics round robins, the patching circle at ITP, and an evening of audiovisual performances and video scores called “single channel cheeseburgers.”


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