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Summer 2008 - Martine Kaczynski's SOLAR CINEMA

SOLAR CINEMA - 8:30pm, August 23rd, 2008. Rural Projects is pleased to present Phase II of Martine Kaczynski’s site specific gas station project : Solar Cinema: “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. Martine Kaczynski’s work explores the vernacular architecture of the American landscape. Last year she created a replica of a disused gas station alongside County Route 11. Now, with the technical assistance of Christopher Werner she has converted the structure into an outdoor movie theatre powered by solar energy . The gas station is not simply a structural icon representing speed, mobility, and power but signifies the current debate surrounding the search for alternative energy sources. Kaczynski sees these structures as future relics and has taken the opportunity to convert her structure into a venue utilizing renewable energy, emphasizing her vision that such structures will eventually be used for diverse purposes. Please join us for our first solar screening, Saturday, August 23rd, 8:30pm. Refreshments will be served. Call in advance for reservations: 518-851-7528 or 518-567-9401. Free transportation from Hudson is available. Call for more details.


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